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p) Milk Cryoscope MC1


p) Milk Cryoscope MC1

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Product Description

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Technical Data:
Resolution: 0.02% water
Repeatability: +-2 °mC – (ISO 5764:2009 – IDF 108:2009)
Reproducibility: +-3 °mC – (ISO 5764:2009 – IDF 108:2009)
Results in ° H, ° C, or % water
Analysis time: 1:30 minutes (approx.)
Working temperature: 10-35 ° C
Peristaltic Pump for filling of refrigerated bath
Calibration with standard solution: 422 and 621

Friendly Interface
Portable, modern design
Stainless Steel body
Small Amount of milk /analysis : 2 ml
Programmable agitation
Programmable temperature bath
Low power consumption
ISO 5764:2009 and IDF 108:2009
USB pen drive
Built in printer

Working Conditions:
Ambient temperature: 10°C – 35°C
Milk Sample Temperature: 5°C – 35°C
Humidity: 30% to 80%

Power Supply: 100-230 V
Power consumption: 60W Max

Size and Weight:
(W x L x H): 210x210x210 mm
Weight: 6 kg

Calibration Solution Kit: 512/600/408 (500 ml)
24 Tubes in borosilicate with volume indication
Antifreeze Solution (500 ml)
Connection cables


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